Looking through 2019, new year and new dreams.

Whiuh, another year in the books you say. Why yes, we are very close of closing out 2019, and like always it’s time to look into what happened during this year.

This year has been a mixture of many things, struggling, personal growth, self reflection, finding my own way in life and many other things. Through all those difficulties and stumbles, I have found many awesome things which I’m very happy to share with everyone now!

So let’s kick it off from the beginning then, January was pretty rough, for those of you who follow my Twitter know that I had a pretty rough time with Magic. I burned out, that is the only way to put it, I played way too much and even started to hate the whole thing. Things got so bad, that eventually I found that I had enough, and needed to pull the plug entirely. During that long period of time, I went away completely.

It’s pretty hard to write about those approx 10 months, I just did other things really. But it was all necessary, during that time I stayed away from Magic, no games, no community. And I seriously self reflected my actions, and what I wanted out of this game. It took months, but eventually the love for the game started to ignite, slowly I started to gain that feel that I want to sling some spells again.

I went through pretty heartbreaking relationship, that put me down for some time too. Other than that my personal life was fine.

As I slowly made my way back to Magic, I knew that this time I had to be more careful. I sat down by myself, and wrote everything to a piece of paper. What is Magic to me? Why do I play it? What do I want to achieve? I ran all these questions in my head, and eventually came the answers. And really the answer to all these questions is the same: The community. That’s what I want. I want to experience Magic in all it’s forms, and see where it takes me. Finding a team, and starting my journey to conquer the world. Don’t care about the money as much, just enjoy and live this lifestyle.

Things finally started to look up, Summer came and went while I planned my return. I started to apply for different mtg-teams, the process has been long and really demanding. As of now, I can’t tell you anymore details, but I can say that things are looking very, very good on that front!

Not only that, I’m a content creator for our LGS, Poromagia. This really happened by pure accident, I never imagined that they would be interested, but life tends to surprise you, and now I produce content for them! I’ve been wanting an opportunity to do these things, and hell getting some compensation for it doesn’t hurt either.

Also the dream of me being a Storm token happened, lots of you have ordered it, and I sincerely want to thank you for your support. That means a world to me, and without you Combo Cabals wouldn’t be where it is ❤

And I almost forgot, we started a podcast. It’s called European Highlander Podcast, as the name might suggest it’s focused around German Highlander, so if that is your go-to, give us a listen. We are also open for ideas, so please just reach out to me and we’ll do our best to talk about things you want to hear. Also I was a feature guest at the Unbanned Podcast where I talked about Modern Storm, so definitely check it out!

Lastly, it has been requested, you have been waiting. But my stream will begin on January! I haven’t set the exact date yet, but keep your eyes on my Twitter, I will post it there in advance once I got a date set in stone. Do note that I live in Finland so it will be UTC/GMT +2 hours timezone. I will most likely stream at around 15 PM and later so that you people in the U.S can catch it bit easier too. For starters it will be Modern Storm, but I try to stream Arena and other formats too, just give me your wishes, and let’s make it possible. But more info coming later!

So things definitely turned for the better, I feel blessed that the doors are opening like this, and I honestly don’t have words to express my happiness. Magic is turning into something bigger for me, and even I don’t know exactly what my future will look like. But I’m feeling confident about it, and will jump into the unknown with great pride.

I got many other things going on too, some of which I can’t say out loud yet but you will know once I have the permission to say them out loud. So stay patient, lots of amazing things are coming I promise.

I would like to thank the following people: Poromagia, Oh My Game, Guys at Unbanned Podcast, Stephanie/Thomas (My Podcast crew), Jesse, our lovely moderators at Discord, Caleb Scherer, all of my fans, all of you who wanted my Storm token. I most likely missed some, but you all get the idea. Thank you all!

Life is starting to shine for me, and I sincerely hope that you stay with me, when we embark into a new future, new dreams, new Magic and most importantly, new and better me.

After these words, I will start my Christmas holidays, my Twitter is always open but I will be back to action in January. So everyone, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Eat well, spend time with your loved ones and be stress-free!

Thank you, and I love you. Each and every one of you ❤

– Juuso