Future of ComboCabals.

What’s up my dear readers! I have some info to share. I did promise the new Highlander article, and don’t spill your coffees. You will get it soon. But, this post is dedicated to get you all up to date with my new plans and what have changed. Since things have spiced up a lot in the past weeks!

So first of all, as many of you know, I’m a Magic Content-Creator for our LGS (Local Game-Shop) Poromagia! So if you have any Magic (or gaming needs for that matter), do take a look at their site. They offer fantastic range of all sorts of games, and other accessories. So whatever you need, they got you covered!

Something like this has been such a long-time dream for me, and now the doors have started to open like crazy. I can’t express my happiness and the amount of pride I feel. And this is not the end, only the beginning of something even greater than ever before!

What does this mean for Combo Cabals then? Well, I will do articles for Poromagia, and those articles I can no longer publish here (at least not for now) It’s a long story and something I will not cover at this stage. But don’t you worry! All those articles will be available on their site and I will always link them here so you can access them. And the previous articles will remain here no problem. Now I will still release articles that they might not take, in which case they will be here like normal. And obviously they will continue to be in English.

I hope you understand this new change of scenery and I apologize if someone doesn’t like it. But new things are happening and thus I must adapt with them.

Here is the link for the article: https://poromagia.com/en/blog/775/. As promised we will figure out Aggro, and take a look at this sweet 4C Affinity list! So check it out!

For the last part we are going to go Combo! And we will take a look at my deck, Storm! So next week we’ll ride the lightning!

Thank you, and I hope you remain with me when we enter the brave new world. Together ❤

– Juuso