Greetings to all! This post will be mostly about introduction and what’s to come in the near future. So let’s get right down to business shall we! Some of you probably know me as one of the moderators for the Discord Modern Storm server. But who am I you might ask?

So I’m Juuso, born in the Central Finland (well almost in Lapland), and nowadays I live in Helsinki. I studied in vocational school studying sales and marketing. On my spare time I do sports and well of course Magic The Gathering! Regarding magic I enjoy mostly eternal formats but anything goes for me! I have loved Storm combos ever since 2012 when I first met it. But now let’s get to how I found magic!

I was introduced to magic almost 18 years ago at an age of 3 (long time for real), still remember kids having these weird cards in our kindergarten and back then we just collected cards and had no idea what Magic The Gathering actually was. Many years passed until I found Magic again when I was in 7th grade, I started to read articles online and got more familiar with rules and just about everything magic was. Actually there were few Magic players in Kuhmo (my birthplace) and I got together with them, they taught the rules and told me about different formats. We drafted and just played Commander back then since I didn’t really have cards.

Then I looked up how all different formats sounded and immediately fell in love with Legacy and Modern. Unfortunately I didn’t have money to purchase legacy cards so I started to get into Modern. With so many decks even back then I was hard pressed to find a deck for me. I never enjoyed attacking with creatures and was looking for something else. I found and played Ad Nauseam combo and I played that deck for years. But there in between I think it was Pro Tour Return To Ravnica where I saw Jon Finkel pilot this Storm combo and I was just like wow what is this madness? I started to look up the decklists, build it and started my journey with Storm.

And it wasn’t pretty I can tell you! For the first 6 months I just lost…and lost….and lost…and well you get the idea. I played bad, I didn’t understand the deck at all, and even considered dropping the deck since the wins just didn’t happen. But I kept at it, and eventually got 1-3 into 2-2, and boom when I made that 3-1 and got my first store credits! The feeling was awesome and it has motivated me ever since to keep going at it and it has never faded from me!

From that point I have tried all sorts of combos, Polymorph, Jeskai Ascendancy, Fist Of The Suns, you name it I have played it! But Storm has become my pet deck and that will never change!

So now that my brief history is done, what will you see from me in the future? I will keep updating this site with tournament reports, deck-techs, sideboard guides, card choices and my personal lifestyle stuff. So loads of things are going to come up in the future I promise!

What else would you like to see? Hit me up with any suggestions in the comments or in my Facebook! In the meantime, keep the Storm clouds coming and happy Storming my troopers!

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